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Here are the Advisors for Digital Victory

Dato’ Wei Chuan Beng

  • Founder of REDtone International Berhad
  • Former Chairman of PIKOM
  • Adjunct Professor of UTM and UTHM


Mr. Shaifubahrim Saleh

  • Past President of Malaysian Service Providers Confederation (MSPC)
  • Advisor of PIKOM


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Prof. Dr. Ahmad Zaki Abu Bakar

  • President of Malaysian National Computer Confederation (MNCC)
  • Dean of Faculty of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (FSTEM) International University Malaya-Wales (IUMW)


Mr. Danny Lee

  • Chairman of The National Tech Association of Malaysia (PIKOM)


Mr. Yusno Yunos

  • Vice President of Persatuan Industri dan Usahawan ICT Bumiputera Malaysia (NEF)
  • CEO & Founder, Evenesis – Y Us Sdn Bhd



  • Digital Victory is established to assist digital and technology-based businesses in rebuilding their company due to the adverse impact of COVID-19.

  • Digital Victory will provide consultation clinics conducted by selected industry experts and specialists as the mentor and advisor.
  • Digital Victory focuses on strategic positioning, financial consultation, legal and regulatory advice, innovative business operation, business development and marketing solutions and technical solutions.
  • The target market comprises of ICT and tech-oriented companies.


  • To provide in-depth review on digital and tech-based consultation areas.
  • To assist businesses in positioning themselves for increased market share and international expansion.    
  • To look at funding from funding providers as well as conventional banks.
  • To recommend steps for these companies to survive beyond COVID-19.



1.     Strategic Positioning

Advisory on using core competencies to position the company to win in the chosen market segment locally, regionally and internationally.

2.     Financial Consultation

Advisory on managing cashflow, review available loans and funding opportunities. 

3.    Legal and Regulatory Support

Advisory on legal matters pertaining to shareholder agreement, VC terms, regulatory advices for Fintech companies; also includes HR consultation.

4. Business Operation

Advisory on adopting technology solution for business operations and evaluating business model to fit the current economic situation; restructuring operations by adopting technology in HR and finance solutions; quality control, software development life cycle and standard compliance.

5. Business Development and Marketing Solutions

Advisory on how to market solutions globally and penetration into international market; building networks, partnership and collaboration; increase social media reach and building a comprehensive digital marketing plan.

6. Technical Solutions 

Advisory on the major aspects of setting up a technical team and possible technical solutions to fuel technology adoption in running the backbone of the company’s offerings.  For example, the logistics software for delivery companies, the booking system for on demand services etc.

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