“What is the difference between a Dutch Farmer and a Malaysian Farmer?”

In the approach to boost the productivity of the Agro-Food sector, the farmer must begin with the ability to promote the value addition of his crop production. He needs all the parameters of the value chain (tools, expertise, information, processes, logistics, etc.) to make the tough decisions of what to grow, when to grow, how best to grow and how best to market the crop product. The farmer must recognise that his cultivation practice is a business venture as it is a scientific endeavour. As such, the farmer need to calculate his risks, and confront his profitability and the competition. The farmer will need to access freely and easily, the scientific cultivation knowledge, to achieve the economic production yield and a product quality that the customer expects. The farmer also need to access and utilise the tools effectively to assist in making accurate decisions, what he need to do to protect and promote his crop, and to market his crop in the best market places with the best prices.